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If you have ever tried to clean (and keep clean) your equipment and spare parts database you'll already be aware that it can be tough. Thousands of different parts, all with unique characteristics, combined with a lack of standards and controls in your IT systems, all add up to the typical problem found in almost every plant with your engineers saying things like:

  • "I can't find my material...”
  • "Why can't I list all the similar parts together?...”
  • "Describe it in only 40 characters??”
  • “Why can’t searching be easy - like Google?”
  • “I could find it if it was on the BOM...”

Refresh™ software was built to tackle this exact problem. Today we have customers using SAP PM, IBM Maximo, Oracle / JD Edwards, Indus / Ventyx Passport, and many other Asset and Maintenance management tools. Customers use the Refresh™ toolset to deliver automatic short and long descriptions, as well as automatic classification and template specifications on average 10 times faster than more manual approaches using other available tools. Automation is driven by Refresh’s global templated content - the largest in the industry including 9000 fully templated classes used every day.

Customers include the world's largest mining and commodities company, a metals giant with 100 000 different spares in one plant, the world's largest utility company, the world's largest chemical company with approximately 4 million materials to standardize, and many others.

Book a quick 20minute demo of the software. Our team will host a free online demo of Refresh™ with you, and we can usually follow it up with some quantified savings on a sample of your own data and a de-duplication report run by an in-house engineer. Use the contact form below to request your Refresh™ demo, and if you're not yet sure, do download an engineering whitepaper - SAP example or Maximo example or just browse some example customer case studies and drop us a question if you have any.

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