Big Data Standardization Software for the Enterprise


We provide a very practical software suite called Refresh™ for standardizing and enriching the data that you use to describe any line items you purchase in your ERP systems. Refresh contains deep functionality supporting Supply Management & Procurement, Operations & Maintenance as well as Finance & Controlling Functional Areas to leverage your ERP data, bringing quick wins to your organization including:

  • Reduced Working Capital & Inventory Levels.
  • De-duplication of materials within and across sites.
  • Increased Spend Visibility.
  • Increased Compliance levels.
  • Reduced Overall Spend.
  • Corrected UNSPSC & Intrastat/HS.
  • Corrected Manufacturer & Part Number data.
  • Consistent Descriptions for Easy to Find Materials.
  • Automatic Translations of Texts to Multiple Languages.
  • Reduced Maverick Purchasing.
  • Increased buy-in for your ERP Implementation.


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