COVID-19: Working from home

For the last 10 years online meetings have been the cornerstone of our implementation and support work with our customers, given that they are on 6 continents.

It may sound surprising but in 10 years of customer work, there are many of our customers that we’ve never actually met face to face.  We have however seen them many times face to face on WebEx, an online meeting tool we have been using since 2008. Thousands of WebEx demos, training sessions, and “refreshers” later we have all become used to this way of working here at Fresh. Prior to 2020 we were already seeing around half of our new customers electing also to do their internal kick-off workshop by WebEx.

With the many different work from home initiatives mandated today, the difference now is that we meet via WebEx from our own work from home (or office) locations to the customer who may be working from home too. Apart from some of the “challenges of being at home” this generally makes no difference for a Refresh project and we are fortunate to be in a job that can leverage these tools and get the same work done. We have even seen a rise in numbers of new projects in 2020 so far compared with last year, perhaps due to companies realizing an opportunity to put resources to good use - cleaning the data in the procure to pay, engineering and finance systems that have been sub-standard for so long.

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