Global Top 10 Chemical Co. installs Refresh for SAP HANA

Refresh Server has been licensed and implemented on top of the latest SAP HANA in-memory database for a fast and reliable Master Data Governance process in SAP.

This well-known chemical company in the Middle East selected Refresh after a global RFP for software to automatically de-duplicate, re-name and govern its material masters in preparation for a new implementation of SAP. The customer had already completed a successful Refresh Desktop project to bulk cleanse 100 000 stock items to material masters well ahead of the SAP go-live deadline, but now Refresh Server has also gone live as the Master Data Governance (MDG) tool of choice for all new material masters. Refresh is now called at the first point of entry inside the SAP screen for all newly created materials, enhancing the SAP MDG process with Refresh’s built-in classification and de-duplication algorithms. The installation, configuration, and go-live took two man-days and was all done on top of the latest SAP HANA in-memory architecture.

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