New Refresh Customer – New York Medical Center

The largest medical center in central New York has licensed Refresh Desktop to tag all supply chain items to UNSPSC at multiple hospital and university sites.

Serving 1.8 million patients, this well-known large healthcare organization currently procures, stocks and consumes many hundreds of thousands of medical items in its hospitals and medical university campuses within The State of New York.

Many of these procured items are specialized medical equipment, equipment spares and medical consumables in the local stock system or ordered through purchase orders when needed, and unfortunately kept out of sight within the purchasing tools such as SAP, Ariba, and Oracle. As there are so many of these specific and varied lines of master and transactional data representing all the possible commodities and services in healthcare, very few have a trustworthy repeatable spend class giving some visibility to this spend today. This means many hard-dollar supply chain opportunities are missed, both globally at the headquarters and locally at the hospitals.

Refresh Desktop software is now being used to resolve this issue by automatically reading, de-duplicating, analyzing and tagging all purchases from these systems to the UNSPSC standard. This will highlight opportunities in local and global purchasing and taxation, unlocking significant savings to improve service levels and the health of the overall supply chain. 

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