New Refresh Customer – Top 3 Global Steel co.

The largest supplier of stainless steel in North America and Europe has licensed Refresh Desktop and Server to automatically standardize all supply chain materials globally.

As the western world’s main supplier of stainless steel, this well-known multinational has steadily built up over its 100-year history to now producing and delivering a third of Europe’s stainless steel and a quarter of North America’s. This means 12000 professional steelmaking employees in 30 countries, with major manufacturing sites across the USA, China, The Nordics, Germany & UK.

Like many other primary manufacturers today they too face flat demand, coupled with the twin modern realities of working capital & operational procurement cost squeeze, as well as a mandatory reduction in the environmental impact of the global supply chain. The company executive board had in 2016 decided on “swift and precise measures to address three particular areas - overhead costs, general procurement and working capital – to achieve substantial cost reductions and release working capital”. One of these measures was the deployment and use of Refresh software.

As a starting point Refresh Desktop is now being used to read, analyze, automatically de-duplicate and catalog all previously procured and stocked items from the SAP, Oracle, Ariba, and IBM Maximo systems. These consistently generated, repeatable descriptions for every purchased item (in multiple languages) will then highlight bulk savings opportunities for local and global procurement teams. After this cleansing phase, the server tool will be deployed to generate and check all new items being introduced, preventing duplication and helping to control the roll-out of the global ERP system.

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