New Refresh Customer – Top 5 German Automotive Company

With 190 000 employees globally this leading German automotive giant has licensed Refresh for SAP to standardize every procured item world-wide.

With 190 000 employees working in factories and sales offices in almost every country in the world, the standardization of procurement and parts data can be a real global challenge. This well known German automotive giant has been in business for over a century and operates every day in a global ERP system (SAP) in at least 12 languages.

As one of the world’s largest automotive companies and a well known brand, the company faces an increasing need to better manage procurement and production, but also to cut its environmental footprint through the optimization of its global supply chain as well as the greening of its products. This brings the ongoing need to optimize stock and purchasing by embedding professional data standards in the SAP system within an intuitive process for all supply chain users across all countries and languages - getting the master data right, and right first time.

UNSPSC, eClass, ISO 8000 and other global standards will be leveraged and algorithmically automated de-duplication, naming conventions, spend classification, tax codes and templates for all purchased materials and services will be included in Refresh on day1.

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