New Refresh Customer - Federal Government

The Federal Government Department of Procurement with $2 trillion in cash flow aims to classify all government spend to Refresh Desktop standards.

Classifying the national supply chain for all buyers and sellers is an important task for this organization. Today they make and accept all payments on behalf of the government, handling better than $2 trillion in cash flow each year and are the central purchaser for the Government itself, injecting more than $14 billion annually through government procurement - more than any other public organization in the country. With such a large supply chain, adopting and maintaining innovative procurement and classification standards is a must-have in order to maximise savings and quality of service.

Refresh Desktop will help this organization to migrate from a old set of codes including GSIN to the leading UNSPSC classification standard in multiple systems from vendors including Oracle/JDEdwards/PeopleSoft, SAP, IBM, Sage and Infor.

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