New Refresh Customer - Leading Australian Procurement co.

Headquartered in Melbourne, this leading procurement consultancy has licensed Refresh Desktop to standardize millions of purchase order and invoice line items.

One step up on the data complexity scale: instead of managing procurement data for a single global supply chain, how about doing it for multiple global supply chain data sets? This leading procurement savings consultancy based in Australia has now licensed Refresh Desktop to identify savings in their customers' multiple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Up to 25 individual Australian companies have been licensed for Refresh Desktop analysis work thus far.

The Refresh Desktop software suite is being used to analyse and tag all current items to UNSPSC, to de-duplicate items at source and to algorithmically build consistent repeatable purchasing classes for each line item. This cleansed data is then used to find patterns and opportunities in the customer supply chain as well as postpone stock re-orders, reducing overall working capital spent. An immediately available hard-dollar saving means that from day 1 the software has a significant return on investment for both client and consultant. 

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