New Refresh Customer - Leading Canadian Procurement co.

Headquartered in Southern Ontario, this cutting-edge procurement technology company has used Refresh Desktop to standardize billions of dollars in annual RFP spend.

This well-known procurement software company today hosts and manages RFPs, bids, quotes, and tenders representing billions of dollars in spend every year for their North American customers. Given the large amount of purchasing data that passes through this transactional tender system from thousands of individual organizations and users, it can be quite a challenge to tag each line with the correct spend classification code. This usually means that some big-picture purchasing and tax opportunities can be missed.

Refresh Desktop software is being used to analyze and tag all current items and services to UNSPSC, to de-duplicate items at source and to algorithmically build consistently repeatable purchasing classes for each line item. Around 3500 individual procurement projects mainly from public organizations in the United States and Canada have already been cleansed and spend-classified in Refresh Desktop in the first two weeks. This cleansed data will be used to find opportunities in the customer supply chain, unlocking purchasing insights and savings.

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