New Refresh Customer - Leading Healthcare co.

This large North American healthcare provider has licensed Refresh Desktop to tag up to 3 million items to UNSPSC.

This well-known healthcare organization currently has up to 3 million items that have been procured, stocked or consumed by more than a dozen different hospitals and distribution centers across a large geography. These line items range from stocked materials in the SAP / Ariba / Oracle systems to Purchase Order free text requisitions, to P-Card lines and even Invoiced lines without detailed transactional data. Basically, of the varied and many possible commodities and services in healthcare, this company covers most of them, and unfortunately very few today have a trustworthy spend class, tax class or commodity code assigned. This means missed opportunities in purchasing, operations, working capital, and tax.

Refresh Desktop software is now being used to resolve this issue by automatically reading, analyzing and tagging all current items and services to the UNSPSC standard. Refresh will also be used in de-duplicating items and algorithmically building consistently repeatable purchasing classes for every new item of supply. Effectively this package of cleansed “big data” will highlight reliable opportunities in the client's supply chain, unlocking significant new purchasing, operational and tax savings for the team.

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