New Refresh Customer - Leading iron ore mining co.

Headquartered in Northern Europe, the world leading producer of processed iron ore products has licensed Refresh Desktop to standardize all purchased items.

As the leading producer of processed iron ore products, this company has a need to better manage the global purchasing and warehousing of thousands of assets, equipment, and spares as used in a complex global supply chain. Consistent data standards, spend classes, item descriptions and class attributes were identified early in the project as key enablers to optimize procurement and stock processes within the Lawson M3/Movex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Now Refresh Desktop software has been licensed to analyze all current item descriptions and to algorithmically build consistently repeatable item and purchasing data for the ERP system to consume. Algorithmically automated de-duplication, spend classification codes, as well as ready-made MDM dictionaries and templates will be included on day1, driving a fast and accurate cleansing and classification of all items in the local language.

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