New Refresh Customer - Top 5 Copper Miner

One of the world's top five producers of copper globally has purchased a Refresh Desktop license to automate the cleansing of all SAP materials.

This global mining giant today produces copper at around a million metric tons annually at copper facilities located in Canada, Australia, Chile, Peru and Argentina. The business is amongst the top five producers of the metal, and with this scale comes a critical need to manage all assets and spare parts correctly in order to support safe, high quality and profitable production globally.

A sister company headquartered in Canada had already licensed Refresh and had recommended the Refresh Desktop product to the copper producer's supply chain management team located in Quebec. Canada will thus be the first deployment and the company will train their own users in-house. Refresh Desktop will automate the tagging and standardization of all SAP materials to various leading international standards including ISO 8000, UNSPSC and others, leveraging spend globally, finding duplicates locally and lower working capital to increase profit and reduce waste.

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