New Refresh Customer - Global Top10 Miner

The worlds largest producer & exporter of thermal coal, has purchased a Refresh Desktop license to manage the governance of all SAP materials.

The largest global exporter of thermal coal, employing close to 20 000 people and producing managed coal in excess of 100 million tons annually has a deep and critical need to manage all assets and spare parts correctly in order to support safe, high quality and profitable production. More than 40 coal mines - a complementary mix of underground and open cut mines are managed by two main groups split geographically by continent under one large commodity umbrella. The first group with more than 20 mines has licensed Refresh already and is in the process of bringing their SAP materials up to scratch with the built-in international standards.

Refresh Desktop will automate the tagging and standardization of all SAP materials to various leading international standards including ISO, UNSPSC and others, bringing the latest SAP database automatically in line with the data standards of today's leading procurement and maintenance organizations.

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